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  1. Yacht Supershine Professional

    Starting at: $110.00

    Unique Advantages in comparison with Boat Supershine product:
  2.  Higher resistance against fat,oil and fuel contaminations
  3.  Higher resistance against lime scale and acids
  4.  Resistance against organic contaminations (sea gulls droppings)
  5. Higer degree of UV protection
  6. Wide range of working temperature
  7. Resistance against salt water
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  • Permanon yacht Wash 1 Litre

    No more waxing and hours of hard labour!! Learn More
  • Permanon Super-Matte 100 ml

    • Protects matte finishes without adding shine or build up.
    • Makes bird droppings , brake dust,etc. easier to clean & remove.
    • Resists most acids, alkalis, solvents and UV rays.
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  • Permanon Silverline PSI+14

    Starting at: $121.00

    The newest product Permanon PSI+14 Silver Line is a true all-rounder - a multi-purpose product, which can be applied on any solid surface. 

    Impurities, such as brake dust, bird droppings, insects, tar, resin and incineration residues, soot, oil and fat encrustations, fuel sediments and other harmful environmental influences affecting our vehicles can easily be removed thanks to a previous sealing with PSI+14 Silver Line.

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  • Permanon Goldline PSI+14

    Starting at: $49.50

    • PSi +14 Gold Line for surface care and gloss. 
    • The newest product Permanon PSI+14 Gold Line is our product with increased gloss level and high endurance.
    • The product PSi +14 Gold Line can be applied on any solid surface
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  • Permanon Glass 500 ml *

    Permanon Glass is the innovative double-purpose product with a thoroughly chosen solution.

    Invisible surface protection for glass surfaces and mirrors with applications indoors and outdoors. 

    Permanon Glass is a finely balanced top-quality product from Permanon offering two convenient features.

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  • Permanon Diamond 2 in 1

    Starting at: $33.00

    • There is no alcohol used as a carrier, and the product does not contain any fluorsilanes or chemical silicone oils as solvents.
    • Our Diamond Supershine is non-toxic.
    • The surface of polymers network electrostatically adhering to the surface and form a protective film.
    • By sealing the capillary structure the surface becomes smoother and it does not accumulate dirt like before with a rough surface. 
    • Shines like new.
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