Permanon Boat Supershine

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Permanon Boat Supershine

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  • Brilliant shine without buffing or polishing 

  • UV Protection 

  • Up to a 50% reduction in time spent on cleaning. Clean and protect your car in just 20 mins 

  • Resists most acids, solvents and alkalis 

  • Electrostatic bond repels airbourne dust 

  • No chemical reaction that can damage surfaces 

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable 

  • Effective on interior and exterior surfaces 

  • Temperature safe on surfaces up to 300C

  • Permanon Boat Supershine

    Permanon boat supershine 100 ml *

    Permanon Boat Supershine

    Permanon boat supershine 500 ml *

    Permanon Boat Supershine

    Permanon boat supershine 1 Litre

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    MSDS No
    Application Information

    Method of Application:

    • Mix Permanon Aircraft 5-10% with water
    • Mist onto a pre-cleaned and rinsed surface
    • Rinse and wipe dry

     You don't have to wait for any chemical reaction to take place nor finish the surface

    As you can see the method of application of our product is much easier if compared with those of competing products.

    Permanon makes it so easy to obtain perfect look of a surface and ensures 80% less time spent on the next cleaning procedure/surface maintenance



    • Dilute at 5-10%



    • Once prepared the solution should be used within 3 weeks

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