Permanon PS with Sponge 125 mg

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Permanon PS with Sponge 125 mg

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The PS Universal paste is neither an abrasive nor harmful to the environment or human health. This universal cleaner optimizes in-depth cleaning in the way that it is biodegradable cleaning thoroughly and effectively.

The PS Universal paste works against stubborn organic contamination, such as: oil and fuel residues, grease deposits, silicon accumulations, algae infestation, verdigris, black rain streaks, mold deposits, mould stains, ink,  markers and graffiti, exhaust and soot build-up.

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Additional Information

Application Information

Method of Application:

Apply the universal cleaning paste to a damp sponge rub the dirty surface with a circular motion.

Then rinse the surface with plenty of water or wipe it with a damp cloth.

PS paste tube 125g is enough for coating an area of 65 m².

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