Permanon Silverline PSI+14

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Permanon Silverline PSI+14

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The newest product Permanon PSI+14 Silver Line is a true all-rounder - a multi-purpose product, which can be applied on any solid surface. 

Impurities, such as brake dust, bird droppings, insects, tar, resin and incineration residues, soot, oil and fat encrustations, fuel sediments and other harmful environmental influences affecting our vehicles can easily be removed thanks to a previous sealing with PSI+14 Silver Line.

Permanon Silverline PSI+14

Permanon Silverline PSI+14 500mL

Permanon Silverline PSI+14

Permanon Silverline PSI+14 1L

Additional Information

Additional Information

Application Information

Method of Application:

  • Mix Permanon Goldline 5% with water
  • Mist onto a pre-cleaned and rinsed surface
  • Rinse and wipe dry

 You don't have to wait for any chemical reaction to take place nor finish the surface


As you can see the method of application of our product is much easier if compared with those of competing products.

Permanon makes it so easy to obtain perfect look of a surface and ensures 80% less time spent on the next cleaning procedure/surface maintenance



• Dilute at 5%



• Once prepared the solution should be used within 3 weeks

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