What is Permanon?

Permanon is a safe and simple-to-apply surface protection that produces brilliant shine on all solid surfaces. When applied,nano-engineered particles of Permanon Silicium (Si14) electrostatically bond and fill microscopic pores and pits that naturally occur in solid materials. Permanon bridges and fills these pores and pits; making it hard for dirt and bacteria to bond or embed to the surface. This process makes cleaning easier and more effective!

Permanon Supershine is mixed with water to easily and safely apply a tough, high gloss coating to all solid surfaces.Permanon coatings allow you to reduce the number of cleaning products as well as allow you to use less harsh or hazardous alternatives. Correspondingly, you will need fewer hours of labour to clean treated versus untreated surfaces without compromising appearance or safety. By adding a Permanon coating, cleaning times can be reduced by as much as 50%.

Permanon Supershine and 2 in 1 Shampoo coatings are based on the elemental mineral Silicium, the main building block of glass. Other coatings are based on organic compounds such as waxes or polymers which are very sensitive to heat and sunlight and, because of this, rapidly fade away. The mineral Silicium Si14 is extremely resistant to all agressive contaminants from pH1 to pH12 (most acids, alkalis, and solvents), heat and sunlight. Keeping your protection from fading away is one of Permanon’s greatest features. Furthermore, because Permanon Silicium Si14 is water based and electro-statically attach to surfaces rather than chemically bonding, they can be easily and rapidly sprayed on to all types of surfaces; i.e. paint, glass, steel, plastic, alloys, leather and vinyl etc. without risk of damage or a effecting re-painting. Bird droppings, tree sap, mineral deposits and other aggressive comtaminants will easily rinse off of a Permanon protected surface.